Myths about Adult Toys

Myths about Adult Toys

For individuals or couples who still find themselves lacking a satisfying bedroom experience, modern technology has not only created a great alternative but a perfect solution for boosting the number of positive experiences that you can have between the sheets: adult toys. For beginners, if just mentioning the term still makes you flinch, it is high time you removed the stigma in your mind and considered these versatile gadgets as sexual aids. In connection to this, here is an overview of the 3 most common myths about adult toys and why you shouldn’t worry about them:

Using sex toys leads to addiction

Generally, addiction refers to dependence on something. When it comes to adult toys, people may be confusing routine, comfort, or high sex drive with addiction. In fact, no sex toy has been proven to be harmful nor has anyone had physical withdrawal symptoms from stopping vibrators or other sex toys

Toys can replace partners

This can never happen. Conversation, comfort, cuddling, physical touch, and intimacy don’t come from adult toys. Well, sex toys are fun and often add flavor, excitement, and variety to sex play, but most people enjoy companionship of fellow human beings, irrespective of whether there are toys or not.

Toys are only for “kinky” people

This is more of a personal opinion statement. More people use sex aids than you can probably imagine. Actually, no one really knows what goes on behind closed doors—unless you choose to disclose to them—and everyone who is sexually active is adventurous or “kinky” in his or her own way. So associating adult toys with being kinky is subjective.

Bottom Line

Adult toys are vital examples of how having an open mind can be rewarding. In fact, after your first experience of using a toy, you might even find yourself eager to experiment with more toys in a bid to keep your partner satisfied and happy.

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