Commercial LED Lighting

Commercial LED Lighting Can Pay Off

So you are managing a commercial facility. You are looking for ways to upgrade the facility and cut costs. There is perhaps no better way to achieve this, then through the installation of commercial LED lighting. Whether you are running a hotel, store, warehouse or another facility, you can benefit tremendously from installing LED lights.

The biggest advantage of commercial LED lighting is the massive reduction to utility bills you will start to see when you have replaced your old lighting. LED lighting is the most energy efficient form of lighting you can find. It uses 85% less energy while delivering a higher quality light. Imagine a reduction of 85% if you replaced your current commercial lighting with commercial LED lighting instead.

The biggest drawback to many facility managers, is the initial high cost of LED lights. They do cost more than regular bulbs. However, commercial LED lighting will save you money year after year on energy costs. Further more, you may qualify for rebates or other tax incentive programs for LED lighting replacement. You should contact your local utility company too. They may also give you a rebate, if you decide to upgrade your facility to more energy efficient lighting.

LED lights will outlast any other light bulb. If you find yourself constantly replacing light bulbs within your facility, then LED lights are a smart choice. This is especially true for facilities with tall ceilings or lots of lights. Constantly replacing lights can become a hassle. Special equipment must be brought in to replace these lights, bringing up expenses.

LED lighting can last you for up 50,000 hours. Depending on your use, they can last up to twenty years or more. If you use the lights for 10 years a day on average , they will easily last up to 13 years. This is significantly more than other light bulbs.

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