Australian for Action

Over 97% of climate scientists say that climate change is occurring and is human induced. The science is now unequivocal and deserves respect from our government.

We’re asking for stronger, meaningful climate action, which is in the national and global interest.

Australian for Action want our government to aim higher on climate.

  •  Significantly reducing Australia’s carbon emissions, in line with current scientific recommendations
  •  Moving Australia beyond coal and gas towards renewable energy, using a Renewable Energy Target
  •  Putting a price and limit on carbon emissions

Commercial LED Lighting

Commercial LED Lighting Can Pay Off

So you are managing a commercial facility. You are looking for ways to upgrade the facility and cut costs. There is perhaps no better way to achieve this, then through the installation of commercial LED lighting. Whether you are running a hotel, store, warehouse or another facility, you can benefit tremendously from installing LED lights.

The biggest advantage of commercial LED lighting is the massive reduction to utility bills you will start to see when you have replaced your old lighting. LED lighting is the most energy efficient form of lighting you can find. It uses 85% less energy while delivering a higher quality light. Imagine a reduction of 85% if you replaced your current commercial lighting with commercial LED lighting instead.

The biggest drawback to many facility managers, is the initial high cost of LED lights. They do cost more than regular bulbs. However, commercial LED lighting will save you money year after year on energy costs. Further more, you may qualify for rebates or other tax incentive programs for LED lighting replacement. You should contact your local utility company too. They may also give you a rebate, if you decide to upgrade your facility to more energy efficient lighting.

LED lights will outlast any other light bulb. If you find yourself constantly replacing light bulbs within your facility, then LED lights are a smart choice. This is especially true for facilities with tall ceilings or lots of lights. Constantly replacing lights can become a hassle. Special equipment must be brought in to replace these lights, bringing up expenses.

LED lighting can last you for up 50,000 hours. Depending on your use, they can last up to twenty years or more. If you use the lights for 10 years a day on average , they will easily last up to 13 years. This is significantly more than other light bulbs.

Myths about Adult Toys

Myths about Adult Toys

For individuals or couples who still find themselves lacking a satisfying bedroom experience, modern technology has not only created a great alternative but a perfect solution for boosting the number of positive experiences that you can have between the sheets: adult toys. For beginners, if just mentioning the term still makes you flinch, it is high time you removed the stigma in your mind and considered these versatile gadgets as sexual aids. In connection to this, here is an overview of the 3 most common myths about adult toys and why you shouldn’t worry about them:

Using sex toys leads to addiction

Generally, addiction refers to dependence on something. When it comes to adult toys, people may be confusing routine, comfort, or high sex drive with addiction. In fact, no sex toy has been proven to be harmful nor has anyone had physical withdrawal symptoms from stopping vibrators or other sex toys

Toys can replace partners

This can never happen. Conversation, comfort, cuddling, physical touch, and intimacy don’t come from adult toys. Well, sex toys are fun and often add flavor, excitement, and variety to sex play, but most people enjoy companionship of fellow human beings, irrespective of whether there are toys or not.

Toys are only for “kinky” people

This is more of a personal opinion statement. More people use sex aids than you can probably imagine. Actually, no one really knows what goes on behind closed doors—unless you choose to disclose to them—and everyone who is sexually active is adventurous or “kinky” in his or her own way. So associating adult toys with being kinky is subjective.

Bottom Line

Adult toys are vital examples of how having an open mind can be rewarding. In fact, after your first experience of using a toy, you might even find yourself eager to experiment with more toys in a bid to keep your partner satisfied and happy.

Gladiator Sandals

Gladiator Sandals

Staying in fashion today is a must for many women. Looking stylish is a great way to feel confident. When people feel confident, they find it easier to get things done. Part of creating a truly put together look is attention to all details including that of a person’s shoe choices. One of the trendiest and most stylish of all footwear choices today are gladiator sandals. Gladiator sandals are sandals that look the kind of footwear that people wore during Rome times. Such Black sandals have many advantages that many women have found to their great liking.

A pair of gladiator sandals can look good with any outfit the person has in mind. They will also work with other kinds of accessories such as a well placed bag or a nice shoulder bag in a luxurious metallic fabric.

Showing Off Feet

Gladiator sandals at help show off a nice foot and bring the eye to the curve of an ankle and a well toned calve. Wearing gladiator sandals can also help add a touch of the exotic to any overall look.

The fact that such shoes snake up the feet can also help provide support for a woman as she walks across a stretch of hot concrete in the summer or a thick boardwalk. A pair can also keep her feet protected against the sands of a steaming beach and allow her to walk in the water without getting her feet cut. The best of such sandals will have firm support as well as being made form materials that should last several seasons if possible. Look for sandals that fit well well across all parts of the feet for a great look.

Tattoo Laser Removal Sydney Services

Tattoo Laser Removal Sydney Services: Tattoos are not Forever

Tattoos, once considered permanent modifications can now be removed using laser technology. Tattoos are an expression of self-expression, identity and at times rebellion. As life changes, the once cool tattoos might stand in the way of opportunities such as joining the military. Laser tattoo removal Sydney services help you get tattoos off without scarring.

How does Laser Tattoo Removal Sydney Work?

Laser technology uses pulses of light directed to the tattoo area. Tattoo pigments are in large particles, making it hard for your body defense systems to remove from the body. The light breaks up the large pigment particles into smaller particles that can be eliminated by the natural immune system of the body and the lymphatic system. This happens within the next few weeks after the procedure. This is a non-invasive solution that doesn’t affect surrounding skin and tissue.

The use of laser tattoo removal Sydney at Think Again Laser Clinic can remove all types of tattoos with little or no scarring. The process removes all kinds of inks, from dark colors (black and blue) to red, green and orange.

You might not require anesthesia during the procedure because it is painless. However, topical anesthesia might be necessary for removing tattoos in sensitive areas of your body, such as the face.

How Many Treatments do You Need to Remove the Tattoo?

Various factors determine the number of sessions you need to remove tattoos from your body. These include:
• Location of the tattoo. Some areas take ink deeper than others do. Such areas require more sessions and will take longer.
• Your age. As you age, your skin becomes harder, making it tough for tattoo removal.
• Skin type. Lighter skin takes ink better than darker skin. On the other hand, darker skin requires more ink to bring out the tattoo. A skin with hair follicles will need the hair to be removed before the tattoo is removed.
• The type of ink used.
• The depth the tattooing ink was injected during the procedure.
• The mode of tattooing used. Professional tattoos are harder to remove as compared to street tattoos.

Final Thoughts

Tattoos don’t last forever. With laser tattoo removal Sydney services, you have a chance to remove the tattoo no matter how old it is. The procedure is non-invasive and will remove all traces of the tattoo without leaving a scar. Laser tattoo removal Sydney is performed in a clinic setting using the latest technology.